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'Why paint?' is a question which haunts me as much as it has done artists since photography was invented - and it's something which continues to challenge us as technology moves onward. I began to explore these ideas through a series of photo-paintings and these continued across themes for several years.

Without going into theoretical detail, the answer lies for me, somewhere in the physicality of the paint; the texture and narrative it has of its own which adds to the story of the image.

Photo-Paintings 2009-10

1) Experimental piece on canvas and details

2) Four Moments Stitched in Time on canvas

3) detail of above

4) Self-Perpetuating Sunset

5) Drawing with pictures - turned into a sun(set)flower.

6) A little childhood moment - on paper

7) Land of the Three Suns - time going forwards and sideways. (board)

8) Land of the Land of the Three Suns (board)