Unmade Table 2014

A domestic, constantly shifting, landscape - my own kitchen table. Each week random objects (approx 30 in total) which happened to be on the table at home were brought into the studio. They were drawn then painted (or in some cases embedded) into Canvas 1 and then elements painted into Canvas 2. They then spawned further work.

Unmade Table C1 (oil paint & materials on canvas) (private collection)

Unmade Table - C3 Further Dimensions
(oil on canvas)

Unmade Table 4 (digital drawing)

NB: Available as a LE print on request

C1 detail
C1 detail
C1 detail
C3 detail
Projection image
Unmade Table C1
Projection image
Unmade Table C2
Unmade Table C434
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Unmade Table C2 (oil on canvas) (private collection)